Crop Diagnostic Clinic, Pullman, WA

Jun 17th 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Hone your crop production trouble- shooting skills so that you can accurately diagnose crop problems and improve crop management strategies.
Specialists from WSU, and U of I Extension will develop field plots to demonstrate problems known to occur in crops in Eastern Washington:
 Drew Lyon, Weed Scientist, WSU
 Kurt Schroeder, Agronomist/Plant Pathologist, U of I
 Rachel Bomberger, Diagnostician, WSU
 Weidong Chen– Research Plant Pathologist, USDA/ARS
 Rebecca McGee, USDA/ARS Legume Breeder
 Stephen Guy, Agronomist, WSU
 Kurt Schroeder, Agronomist, U of I
 Paul Carter, Extension Specialist, WSU
 Steve Van Vleet, Extension Specialist, WSU


More Info: 2016 crop diagnostic clinic.pdf