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Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association (PNDSA) is a non-profit that provides information exchange and advocacy on conservation policy issues, research coordination, and access to value-added benefits that support the adoption of environmentally sustainable and economically viable direct seed cropping systems.


PNDSA unites growers under a cropping system, rather than one specific crop. We are passionate about bringing together diverse groups with common interests to advance the future of sustainable (or regenerative?) farming.


Direct seed farming systems place seed and fertilizer in one-two passes directly into the crop residue and root structure from last year’s crop. Specialized equipment opens a narrow seed row in largely undisturbed soil and the plants grow up through that seed row. The crop residue and root structure keeps the water and the soil in the field, reducing soil erosion by 90% (through wind and water), mitigates offsite movement of agriculture chemicals tied to soil particles, improving water and air quality.


Other benefits include the sequestration of carbon in the soil, improved soil health, reduction of fossil fuel usage and emissions, reduction of field burning, and improving wildlife habitat.

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