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Farmed Smart Certification

The Farmed Smart Regenerative Ag certification program has been developed by the Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association in coordination with a conservation farming technical stakeholder committee comprised of conservation producers, conservation districts, Washington State Department of Ecology, and researchers with NRCS and Washington State University.  The certification criteria have been developed using best management practices from multiple environmental and conservation entities.  The certification program has been vetted by SureHarvest; a 3rd party certification company and several regional commodity marketing companies with positive feedback that this is a market-ready program. 



  1. Define a set of conservation standards that will provide a clear understanding of the economic and environmental benefits of direct seeding

  2. Certify producers that are utilizing regenerative practices; and

  3. Educate and develop environmental markets for certified regenerative products and producers. 



The certification has six areas of emphasis that are validated to certify a farm:

  1. Improving Water Quality – through less soil disturbance, less soil erosion, precision placement of fertilizers, and implementing buffer strips along water sources

  2. Improving Air Quality – by keeping crop residue on the field to avoid wind erosion, and reducing fuel emissions from equipment

  3. Improving Soil Quality – by reducing the amount of tillage which increases organic matter, earthworm activity, and yield potential.

  4. Improving Wildlife habitat – by providing food and cover for wildlife and fish habitats

  5. Conserving Energy and Reducing Carbon Footprint – through planting in 1 – 2 passes allowing a significant reduction in fossil fuel usage and sequestering carbon in the soil

  6. Improving Economic Viability and Sustainability – reducing input costs of fuel, labor, and chemicals through precision agriculture and direct seeding practices ensures the family farm can continue to produce a safe food supply for the growing population

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